Consolidated Laundry Benefits

Customized Revenue Share Options

  • 5-year, 7-year & 10-year contract-term options
  • Higher revenue share based on length of contract terms
  • Increase in property’s monthly income and overall property value

$0 Start Up Costs, No Maintenance or Merchant Fees

  • While many competitors charge “maintenance fees” and “merchant fees” that take away from revenue share, Consolidated does not.
  • There are no upfront charges, when you sign with Consolidated the laundry equipment is fully installed free of charge.

Cashless-Payment Only

  • Smart Card, Direct Pay, & App-based systems work together for you, bringing your laundry room into the 21st century
  • Credit Card/Debit Card payment systems
  • Detailed monthly reporting of all transactions to verify revenue share payout
  • These cashless payment methods help to prevents loss of income due to theft or vandalism, common-occurances in coin-based laundry rooms.

Modern Washers & Dryers

  • Users do not have to run to the bank to get quarters in order to do laundry; reusable Smart Cards, Direct Pay and App-based systems create an ease-of-use and frustraton-free washing and drying experience for your residents.
  • Consolidated offers the best in class Speed Queen laundry machines.

Best-in-Class Service

  • Consolidated will repair any service issues within 24 hours. If you call in before 12pm, we guarantee we will be there same-day to repair. Calls after 12pm will be handled immediately the next morning. That is the Consolidated Best-in-Class Service guarantee.
  • If a washer or dryer breaks down, all service technicians carry replacement machines so that another trip is not required to install new laundry equipment.